Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

The Kandinsky Effect - Somnambulist

The last album by The Kandinsky Effect "Synesthesia" already showed the great potential of the trio's sound. The successor "Somnambulist" was released a few weeks ago on Cuneiform records and is another stunning trip into an exciting and rhythmic brand of jazz.

It's hard to say which instrumental approach impresses the most. The dynamic and steady drum grooves, the atmospheric saxophone sounds or the bass that does just about anything from simple patterns to beautiful harmonies or distorted notes. The important thing is that it all comes together in the tunes of an original and innovative band. On "Somnambulist" you will find this creative blend on a total of 12 compositions. Jazz is or should be a highly progressive genre - The Kandisky Effect are surely one of those few groups that  truly carry this tradition.

Get the stream of the title track on Bandcamp.

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