Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

The Jazz Jousters - Locations Series

This might not be the first time that the Jazz Jousters' Location Series is mentioned on this blog but since I'm having problems catching up with the group's output level I decided to wrap it up a little in this post.

On their journey through huge record collections the international producer group collected various jazzy samples, sorted them by location and released them on Millenium Jazz Music. So far they made stops in Japan, Brazil, Italy and just lately in Germany. The laid back vibes of the records are available on cassette and via digital download. Listenig to the tracks you will notice that the focus still remained on producing solid beats - so this is more than just putting a kick and a snare behind some stereotype-like sounds.

Get the records and streams on Bandcamp and be aware that the Jazz Jousters' trip has not ended yet.

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