Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

Tramp Records - Movements Vol. 7

You might have heard of it; you might have gone down to it - It is Tramp Records' Movements series and its seventh part was released just a few days ago.

There have already been a lot of words about this classic compilation series on this blog so lets break it down to this: Rare Grooves - check; Funky Rhythms - check; Screaming Soul Vocals - check, Funky Jazz breaks - check. Tramp's Tobias Kirmayer made shure it's all there. One thing that still stands out on this one is a lot of exciting versions of classic tunes. Take Al Jarreau's crazy interpretation of Brubeck's Take Five, Rene Bailey's uptempo Stormy Monday Blues or Nu Art Quartet's great vibes on their very own California Dreamin'. The man behind the slow and heart breaking soul track that used to be Ural Thomas on volume 6 is now the equally great Lee Mitchell with his "How Can You Be So Cold". And at the very end you will even find some contemporary grooves by Tramp Records' very own Eminent Stars.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

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