Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet - Another Point Of View

Trombone player and composer Beppe Di Benedetto just released his new album "Another Point Of View". Accompanied by his 5tet he recorded the successor to the brilliant "See The Sky".

The remaining members of the group are Emiliano Vernizzi on saxophones, Luca Savazzi on piano, Stefano Carrara on contrabass and Michele Morari on drums. Just like on his previous album Beppe Di Benedetto puts a fresh and uplifting vibe in his tunes. Some motifs in tracks like "My Bright Place" even got some hymn-like feelings to them. His influences reach from classical composers to traditional Afro American greats. It translates perfectly to the compositions which still follow an exciting modern jazz tradition. The 5tet shifts through different moods and dynamics in which every instrument finds its perfect place and balance.

Get more info on Beppe Di Benedetto's website or stream a few tracks on Soundcloud.

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