Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Ginger Johnson & his African Messengers - African Party

Freestyle Records is celebrating the man who created the groundwork for the legendary Afrobeat sounds. Nigerian born drummer Ginger Johnson has a rich history in England and an exciting catalogue of sounds which are now brought back to life on "African Party".

There are elements of funk, jazz, high life and of course afrobeat in this new collection of tunes. Johnson met and worked with so many people in and around the music business which made his sound so vibrant and thus himself a influental figure for many years and for different styles of music. Still you might argue that his songs are not very sophisticated or complex but the steady grooves and the effective harmonies in tracks like the opener "I Jool Omo" serve everything you need to dance to or just feel good.

Get the clips on Soundcloud.

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