Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Best Of April '15

Jazz Spastiks & Rebels to the Grain - Unkut Fresh

It was only a matter of time until this one would appear on the blog. Everybody who listened to the first single of this incredible collaboration knew that something big was coming his way. So "Unkut Fresh" is the complete record that features the classic Jazz Spastiks production and vocals by Rebels to the Grain. Apparently "Tapes" is only a small part of a great collection of rap tracks, instrumentals and old school vibes. Collection is probably not the right word to describe this album because it really sounds like one piece of hip hop where everything is sitting perfectly in its place.  Just hit the play button and enjoy this journey through laid back tunes and everything this genre should be about..more

Hot Lunch - s/t Ep

When you're talking about Hot Lunch you're talking about one of the hottest brands of rock'n'roll out there today. The highly productive band from San Francisco just released a new 5-track EP via Scion AV. Just like their incredible selftitled album this EP opens with a fast and heavy tune in "Slappy Sunday" which is followed by a lot of different approaches in the following songs. "Expectations" is a dynamic take on a 1990s track by The Resonars. There is a certain vintage character in every tune but you can't really name it since Hot Lunch are masters of transforming these elements into their own heavy and dangerous style of rock music...more

The Mighty Mocambos - Showdown

There probably aren't many doubts that The Mighty Mocambos from Hamburg are one of Germany's finest funk ensembles. Their new album "Showdown" is surely another strong statement to cement that point. The record starts with a typical Mocambo groove in "Road To Earth" that features film composer Peter Thomas on piano. You will find some more dynamic instrumental jams on this one like "Locked And Loaded", the slow groove "Drifting Stars" or the title track "Showdown". On no less than three tracks the one and only Afrika Bambaataa is featured which mostly results in some seriously heavy grooves and breaks. "In The Dark" and "Not Get Caught" are two classic funk tracks with excellent soul singers in Nichola Richards and DeRobert. So you will find a little bit of everything on "Showdown" that has a funky groove at its foundation...more

Alex Jonsson - Spy On Your Friends

Danish guitarist and member of Jakob Sørensen's "Bagland"  Alex Jønsson just released a record of his own in "Spy On Your Friends". The album features a classic jazz trio lineup with Jønsson being accompanied by Jens Mikkel Madsen on bass and Andreas Skamy on drums. The overall sound of the music is a quiet one though tracks like "War is Peace" show some intense vibes. There is a floating character to every tune - Jønsson's guitar is circling effortlessly around simple and beautiful melodies to create haunting moments once improvisation and melodies collide. But it seems as if those moments are not the main focus of the group -  It is more about the floating, the steady and calm movement of the tracks that create an exciting tension in an otherwise minimal musical landscape. On a total of nine tracks the trio exercises this approach in an impressive and soothing fashion...more

Silensir & L.E.O. - Live From Maple Park

New York-based rapper Love Equals Omnipotence teamed up with producer and longtime friend Silensir to release a stunning record in "Live At Maple Park Side A". On a total of 18 tracks you can witness a timeless hip hop approach with an impressive number and quality of collaborators. You will hear rhymes by MeccaGodZilla, J-Zone, Philmore, Unleashed By Science and many more. It's the sound of a group of friends rapping over Silensir's 90s flavoured beats. The tracks feature positive vibes and a certain ease that you can probably only have if you're not playing the game of the music industry and release your music yourself and for free...more

Rollfast - Live From Jizz Studio 

If you're into heavy and dirty psychedelic rock sounds you should maybe consider a trip to Bali which is home to the five guys of Rollfast. The band released some interesting tunes lately resulting in an EP and the most recent "Live At Jizz Studio" recordings. On three tracks you will get the full psychedelic rock package exept for one thing - clean sounds. The Rollfast approach to the rock genre happens with a maximum of distortion and energy. You will find the classic feedback passages and intense moods over heavy rhythms. Speaking of rhythms, the last song "Destination: Death" combines the echo-loaded jams with a driving stoner sound which makes it a truly heavy piece of rock'n'roll...more

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