Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Best Of May '15

Listen to some of the best music posted this month on this blog below.

Ruby Rushton - Two For Joy

The british jazz label 22a has gained itself a nice reputation over the last few years by releasing some great records. Now the founder himself teamed up with a group of friends for the sixth installment on the label's roster. Ruby Rushton is the name of the quartet that just premiered the first tune off their upcoming album "Two for Joy". The title track is one of those jazz compositions that are as smooth as they come. But there's also a lot more behind behind those nice vibes like an interesting rhythm that might remind you of slow hip hop tracks produced by J Dilla. The group draws their inspiration from different genres and combines them in an original and modern jazz sound...more

Hydromedusa - S/T LP

After making waves with some smaller releases including an excellent s/t 7" single Hydromedusa from Adelaide just put out their full-length debut on tym records. If you're into heavy and rough rock and roll sounds there is simply no way around this one. Right from the start with the old school riffs and fierce vocals you just know that this is no joke - this is a truly dangerous brand of rock that doesn't take any prisoners. The band cuts right to the point but also likes to play some intense jams here and there. So as much as some tracks seem to be that kind of music to speed down the highway you will also find some psychedelic flavoured vibes in tunes like "Sew" or "Matter Of Time". There really is no reason why this album shouldn't rank up there with the best rock records this year. And don't forget to listen until the very end where one of the highlights in "Wintertime Blues" awaits...more

MG Gost - Waking Walk

When you see the Dusty Platter label on a record you basically know that it's going to be a good one. And when you see the MCs that producer MG Gost gathered for his new LP "Waking Walk" then you know that it can hardly get any better. The beatmaker and member of Hain Teny from Serbia has a strong passion for jazz beats which shows on the productions of this album. This way he creates the perfect foundation for the raps of Audessey, Tableek, G-Force, Cadencce and many more. It's a truly timeless hip hop approach fueled by some incredible talent, excellent beats and jazzy vibes...more

Sara Mitra - Losing You

The new album "Losing You" by british singer and songwriter Sara Mitra is here. She is known for her works with the Impossible Ark records collective including talented musicians like James Allsopp, Rian Vosloo, Tim Giles and of course Ben Lamdin (Nostalgia 77). The record features tracks off the recent EP "Baltimore Oriole" which already gave us a taste of Mitra's sounds. Her soothing voice wanders through clever arrangements of jazz, folk and blues elemtents. Just like in her previous interpretations of classic tunes her singing is always surrounded by an on point instrumentation by the aforementioned musicians. So you will find a large number of original compositions on "Losing You" that follow the same approach while featuring Mitra's playful character and beautiful vocals...more

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