Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Hexagon - Fight To Death

If you're in for some blues flavoured retro rock you shouldn't sleep on the latest album by Sweden's Hexagon. "Fight To Death" was released a few months ago and features a great brand of rock and roll music.

On a total of 8 tracks the band unfolds heavy blues riffs, nice jams and a brilliant kind of songwriting. Brilliant because they keep it simple and straigth forward. So the opener "Whiskey Eyes" is a perfect example of riffing and excellent blues vibes in an uptempo track. "River Of Blood" shows a more dynmic approach while "Unicorn" might even bring back memories of old progressive rock tunes. All in all this is an exquisite retro blues rock album with unique flavours here and there which characterize Hexagon's own sound.

Get the full stream and free download on Bandcamp.

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