Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Estee Nack & Purpose - 14 Forms "The Book Of Estee Nack"

Tragic Allies members Estee Nack & Purpose collaborated for an incredible album on Ill Adrenaline Records. Producer Purpose already worked with names like Paranom or Killah Priest and is contributing his trademark vibes on "14 Forms: The Book Of Estee Nack".

Rapper Estee Nack really sounds like he has something to say in this book. His conscious flow over laid back beats is the recipy for the high quality brand of hip hop on this album. The first single "T.I.M.E" is a perfect example for what I just told you. But you will also find a lot of different vibes as you can hear on the opener "Lazy Day Chillin'". To make it short this is just the kind of thing that every hip hop head needs. The album dropped one week ago - you can get it on various platforms or listen to the full thing on Youtube.

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