Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

Zetzum Zorglub - Zetzum Zorglub

There is a very remarkable sense for beautiful harmonies in the minimalistic Nordic Jazz tradition. Guitarist Buster Jensen's project Zetzum Zorglub and his album under the same name is no exception to that rule.

The group is completed by Kaare Bjerke on bass, Andreas Moller Bottiger on saxophone and piano, Sven Dam Meinild on saxophone and clarinet, Mikkel Aagaard Nielsen on trombone and Kristoffer Toffoj on drums. They all find their own spot between Jensen's fragile guitarwork which evolves from free wandering to the aforementioned beautiful harmonies. Somehow it's a very cinematic approach which creates its own landscapes as it moves through calm sceneries and spectacular peaks. The excellence of this album lies in the minimalistic, sometimes looping structures and most of all in the intensive moments it creates.

Get the stream on Soundcloud.

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