Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

Vursatyl - Crooked Straights

After standing in the background for numerous hip hop artists like Blackalicious for so many years, veteran rapper Vursatyl dropped his first solo album "Crooked Straights" recently on BBE.

Although his talent was never questioned and his respected membererhip in the hip hop community this record appears 24 years after he first started rapping. So with lots of experience and without following modern trends this release is a fantastic trip back to a positive old school hip hop sound. Almost every beat you will hear was created by a producer from Vursatyl's hometown Portland. All tracks sound fresh and provide a great backdrop for a nice flow and conscious lyricism. "Crooked Straights" delivers the whole package from slower vibes in "If These Walls Could Talk" to uptempo bangers like "It's Nothing". No rap fan should sleep on this record.

You can get "Crooked Straights" on Juno.

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