Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

Røgsignal - Live Et Andet Sted I Jylland

After receiving some nice feedback for their debut EP, Røgsignal from Denmark decided to release another EP consisting of four live recordings. The tracks on "Live Et Andet Sted I Jylland" were performed in autumn 2014 and feature the bands signature jazz sounds with rock elements.

Though some passages of improvisation can be found on the four tunes, there is always a clear structure to the songs. Mainly the rhythm section is providing this steady and grooving element while nice melodies and vibes are constructed on a Fender Rhodes and an electric guitar. So the band is really walking the line between jazz sounds and and basic rock fragments. Thus a very entertaining character is implemented in the playful jazz approach of this group.

You can stream the EP on Røgsignal's Soundcloud.

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