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Best Of November '15

The Milk - Favourite Worry

It's been a while since The Milk from London have released some new music - Now they are back with a stunning new album "Favourite Worry" on Wah Wah 45s which shows the band in a very soulful mood. From the great opener "Wonderlust" that equally moves through solid soul grooves and dramatic brass sections to smooth-as-butter tracks like "Lonelines Has Eyes" and the impressive climax in "Favourite Worry", this album is everything that a soul fan could wish for...more

Teej and Cuth - Seven Ages

British producer Cuth is once again part of a great hip hop duo after the relase  with his mate Adam earlier this year. The new record "Seven Ages" features rapper Teej who is equally up to the task of rhyming nicely over Cuth's original and soulful beats. There is an overall more serious vibe on this one which shows in Teej's lyrics and the dusty beats. But this certainly doesn't subtract the dynamics or the quality of their music. A track like "Boy Meets World" is an excellent example for great storytelling and original beatmaking...more

Pixel - Golden Years

"Golden Years" is the third album release by Pixel from Norway which appeared on Cuneiform Records (like so many other great albums these days).The quartet consists of double bassist and main vocalist Ellen Andrea Wang, drummer Jon Audun Baar, trumpeter Jonas Kilmork Vemøy, and Harald Lassen on saxophone. Just take the opener "Rainforest" which creates a perfect setting for the following tracks; a steady and grooving rhythm accompanied by soothing brass sounds playing beautiful harmonies. It is the composition of the tracks, how the pieces fit together, that make them special, like the following track "People Pleaser" whose vocal chorus could've easily ended up in any cheesy pop song - but the strong and lively jazz foundation transforms this element into something entirely different... more

Moon Curse -Spirit Remains

Only one song of the new Moon Curse album "Spirit Remains" is streaming currently on Bandcamp - But this one, the opener "Beneath The Waves", is all you need to get sucked into this band's vibes and to await the release of this record at the end of this month. It marks the second album by the trio from Milwaukee that again knows how to create slow moving and huge sonic monsters. This first single is a perfect prove of that point. Behind the big guitar sounds and stomping rhythms you will be able to find very melodic elements that are worked out nicely and well developed through the songs. "Spirit Remains" spans five songs - five deep and capturing trips into heavy iffs and melancholic melodies...more

BENJAMIN - Arriving

The Chicago-based label Cherries Records is lately releasing some nice funk and r&b records - and its hard to tell if they are either ignoring modern trends in soul music or if they are the very incarnation of them. The latest release features the BENJAMIN-duo and their new album "Arriving". The first single "Those Memories (Sneak Up On Me)" already dropped earlier this year and was a nice example for the synth-vibes and smooth production that you will find on the full-length record... more

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