Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015

Julian Julien - Terre II

Blending photography and experimental music French saxophonist Julian Julien created a very cinematic jazz sound on his new album "Terre II". As the name suggests it is the successor to a similar project he did in 2000.

Julien worked with numerous international photographers and captured their motifs in very atmospheric tunes using innovative sound elements and developing progressive song structures. His collaborations from the musical perspective are Frédéric Collignon on trumpet, Siegfried Canto on flute, Rémi Dumoulin on clarinet and fellow sax player Michaël Havard. Although I didn't see all the pictures I can tell that they surely transmit a variety of moods and feelings that are expressed in dreamy tracks like "Iris V", dynamic ones like the title tune "Terre II" or dark grooves as in "Mr John Barry".

Stream/watch a few extracts on Youtube.

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