Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Collocutor - The Search

There is always something very cinematic and colourful about Tamar Osborn's Collocuter. Since the release of "Instead" this group is certainly one to look out for. "The Search" is a worthy successor which has, even before its release, caught not only the London jazz scene's attention.

On this record the compositions' character is one of steady motion and features a wide array of sonic influences. The fact that Mulatu Astatke himself has already stated his affection for it is one thing, the way in which Collocutor manufactured North African scales into deep grooves and luring atmospheres is another. There are majestic moments and virtuosic horns, infectous rhythms and improvisation. It all adds up to an impressive piece of intriguing music.

"Collocutor is an opportunity to explore musically all the cultural connections which are part of being a human being, particularly in the 21st century, in somewhere like London, where you do meet everyone from everywhere. If you’re open-minded you’ll have the opportunity to engage with them and find out which bits of each other’s cultures connect and make sense" – Tamar Osborn

"The Search" will be available on LP and digital in mid March on the nicely progressing On The Corner Records. Stream a preview on Bandcamp.

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