Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Evolfo - Vision Of Sin

Genre wise Evolfo, formerly known as Evolfo Doofeht, is not particularly easy to pin down. Just like they're walking the line between fast riffs and sweet Soul they like to play with and destroy attached image conventions.

The opening song of the upcoming record "Last of the Acid Cowboys", following the equally entitled EP, shows the band playing a high tempo rock tune that combines surf guitars and punk attitudes. One remarkable thing about "Vision of Sin" has to be its incredible breakdown instrumental section which gives the song yet another dirty and grooving aspect. It is definitely a great first taste of whats to come on the full-length record and who knows, maybe we're also in for some smooth-like-butter-soul-treats like the ingenious "Don't Give Up Your Mind". We are about to find out soon.

Get the stream below or on Soundcloud.

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