Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Beats Cartel 2014 Sampler

The Australian booking agency and record label Beats Cartel just released a nice collection of blues inspired records from various bands and songwriters.

There's probably no other way than to open an Australian blues rock sampler than with the three guys of The Royal Artillery,who are no strangers to this blog. But there are also some other bands on this one like Cotagent or Deadweight Express that can rock just as dirty and heavy. The mentioned singer-songwriter section consists of the stunning voice Claire Anne Taylor, a live version of Tom Richardson's "Mistakes & Ladders" and Benjamin James Caldwell's impressing "Rosie". There is yet some more good stuff on the complete 12 tracks like some nice acoustic jams but why don't you find out yourself, it's for free.

Get the stream and download on Soundcloud.

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