Freitag, 19. September 2014

Scott Ramirez - Encarta '95

Scott Ramirez just published his new video for "KnowledgeX2" - reason enough to feature his new album "Encarta '95" where this track is taken from.

It is one of those diamonds travelling through the spheres of soundcloud - underappreciated and free to download. With the Doppelgangaz crew on production this album contains a gritty and flawless sound that makes the perfect breeding ground for Ramirez' rhymes. Instead of multiple hooks or flashy features "Encarta '95" shines with a more sophisticated approach. Each track strikes the listener with its individual structure and conscious lyrics. Still, the moods, flows and beats on this album are highly entertaining and definitely worth your time. On a total of 8 songs, Scott Ramirez features not only the Doppelgangaz but also Rez Raida, HyDeff, Jaff Daniels, Don Beats, Tray Starks and Mike Mystic.

Get the free download on Audiomack or the stream on Soundcloud.

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