Freitag, 31. Juli 2015

Falling Stacks - No Wives

After releasing three EPs on Bandcamp Bristol's Falling Stacks just recently dropped their full-length debut on Battle Records.

"No Wives" is collection of harsh and stripped down rock tunes that walk the line between avant-garde and old school punk. From the first notes on you will witness distorted sounds, heavy drums and desperate vocals. If there ever was a sense of beauty in the rock genre this album is the last place where you will find it. The songs come rattling and rumbling through your speakers while developing a raw tension in their twisting structures. It's a rough and bumpy ride but if you're in for an intense dose of rock and roll music this is just the stuff you need.

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Montag, 27. Juli 2015

The Polyversal Souls - Invisible Joy

This is a big one on the recently introduced label Philophon Records from Berlin: The Polyversal Soul's debut record "Invisible Joy".

The album features guests from all over the world in Africa Baby Bam from New York, Hailu Mergia from Ethiopia and Ghana's Guy One, Roy X and Y-Bayani. It's an incredibly energetic journey through funk, soul, jazz and even some rap sounds. And it comes to you packed in an international sound outfit. The label's preference for african rhythms and vibes certainly shines through this record and The Polyversal Sounds use those vibes to create their own unique brand of music on "Invisible Joy". It is like an all-star meeting of musicians you might have never heard before - so you better keep them in mind from now on.

Stream some track's on the label's Soundcloud.

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

The Whole Truth feat. Lucid Paradise

The LA vocal duo Lucid Paradise aka E. and Ishtar did not only appear on The Gene Dudley Group's new record, they also provided nice contributions to the third installment to the catalogue of The Whole Truth Records.

This record is a priceless collection of early 80s synthesizer sounds and modern soul vibes. The slow disco grooves on this one are just the kind of tracks that make you wanna travel back in time and roll down your car's windows on a beach sight in Miami. But just a few notes into the first song "Party Down" will make you realize that these grooves are truly timeless and made with a deep passion for the soul genre and analog equipment.

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Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs

In only a few days time a huge album will hit the streets in the form of We Lost The Sea's "Departure Songs". It marks the group's third release and due to the tragic passing of the band's vocalist it is also their first instrumental effort.

This is the kind of music that comes to you as a sonic trip. It's not about traditional song structures or fancy riffs - these are authentic experiences through sound. Just take a listen to the first single "A Gallant Gentleman" and its calm atmosphere that still seems to bare a certain tension. The same phenomenon can be witnessed in the following tracks. It's the kind of music that tends to make you stop whatever you're doing and get lost in the repetitive yet overwhelming sounds. And that's the key to the post rock genre that only a few bands are truly able archieve - being able to repeat and develop simple motives into massive sonic walls. Currently I can't think of a better example for that than "Departure Songs".

Get the stream of the first single on Bandcamp or stream the full album right here.

Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

Adam and Cuth - Formwork

Even if you don't remember this little post I wrote on Adam and Cuth's single "The Look Up" you will surely remember their new LP "Formwork" once you've given it a spin - guaranteed.

In case you do recall the name of this London based Hip Hop duo you know that something great is coming your way. Right into the new album you'll hear another example of producer Cuth's excellent stutter beats in "Troubles At The Door". "Formwork" features a great variety of beats and a remarkable use of samples from all kinds of genres. So it's all set for for the rhymes of Adam the rapper who surely knows how to move through Cuth's gritty vibes. The combination of the two provides a fantastic brand of hip hop with old school elements and a massive sound that makes you wanna let your neighbours know about it. "Formwork" is definitely another contestant for the best rap album this year, though the competition is pretty impressive these days. And you just have to love this little promo video posted below.

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Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

The Gene Dudley Group - Zambidoose

There's probably only one thing that could make the uplifting soul tracks of Gene Dudley's one man band even better - vocals - and that's exactly what you will find on his brand new album "Zambidoose" which is out today on Wah Wah 45s.

Apparently this aspect exceeds Gene Dudley's various musical talents which is why this album features guest vocalists E (from Myron & E), Ishtar and Anne Frankenstein. A few notes into this record you will already recognize the trademark brass segments and the laid back funky vibes. Between some nice instrumentals you will find great soul tunes and even certain disco flavours in tracks like "Dynamite In The Still Of The Night". So this album shows The Gene Dudley Group really taking it one step further by releasing an overall solid soul record with everything that makes this genre so great.

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Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

Quarter Street

Bringing back the gritty and street flavour of the old Salsa sound is the mission of Melbourne's "Quarter Street" who are about to give you a first impression on their upcoming selftitled album.

So practically you won't encounter many surprises on this album - It's that old school Salsa approach with vibrant percussions, dynamic horns and lively vocals. Practically, because this straight forward and analog way of doing things has become absent in many contemporary releases with shiny pop sounds and branded appearences. Quarter Street is more oriented towards older and more authentic bands of this great latin tradition. Thus its no wonder that you can find a tribute to one of those groups in the cover version of The Brooklyn Sounds' incredible "Libre Soy". The opener "Fantasia" is already available for streaming and this one will surely stimulate your appetite for this record.

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Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015

Paul Nice & Phill Most Chill - Fabreeze Brothers

The word was out long ago that Paul Nice and Phill Most Chill would collaborate as the Fabreeze Brothers and now the highly anticipated full length album is finally out on AE Productions.

When you see the name of rapper Phill Most Chill on a record you basically know that you can't go wrong. He certainly enjoys the company of talented beatmakers like Jorun Bombay, DJ Format or in this case producer Paul Nice from New York who provides the funky framework for this album. Positive Old School hip hop vibes with fresh productions is what the Fabreeze Brothers will bring you. Guest appearances include MC Oxygen in "Golden Crown" and Paten Locke who combines with PMC for one of the most thundering rap tracks out there in "Heroes Of The East".

Though this year has already seen some incredible rap releases in albums by Memory Man, Jazz Spastiks or Vursatyl you'll definitely have to include The Fabreeze Brothers to the top of that list - The combination of Paul Nice's breaks and Phill Most Chill's flow is lethal and a must for every B Boy!

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The Best Of Don McCaslin's "Warmth"

What started as the brilliant opener to Tramp Records' "Praise Poems" compilation (part 2 is already on its way) turned into a full length LP featuring the sounds of Don McCaslin aka Warmth.

Born in 1926 in Tacoma Washington McCaslin moved to San Jose and built his legacy as a piano player, bandleader and unique singer. His voice is certainly not what would call strong or concise and mostly you don't even understand what he is actually singing - but his whisper-like vocals are more about contributing to a sound that is cozy and warm. His individual jazz approach is very rhythm-based with boogie elements and bluesy soul vibes. Though the track "Praise Poems" remains one of the  favourites on this one you will also find nice harmonies and a dynamic flute in the opener "A Song The Children Dance To", an agile vibraphone in the incredible"Afro Blue"-jam or McCaslin's very own versions of classics like "Willow Weep For Me". Today in the late stages of his career he is still active in the veteran jazz combo "Amazing Jazz Geezers".

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Montag, 13. Juli 2015

Hair Of The Dog - The Siren's Song

With their second album "The Siren's Song" just out on Kozmik Artifactz Hair Of The Dog from Scotland prepare to create a big impact on the heavy rock scene. Last year's S/T album by the trio already showcased a very mature rock sound which now finds an excellent successor in this new release.

Blending sounds of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and numerous 70s rock acts Hair Of The Dog create their own heavy approach to the stoner genre. The songwriting is always straight forward and so is the raw energy behind every riff and the great vocals. A band that just knows how to produce quality rock and roll music simply doesn't have to include any extraordinary or surprising elements. With this group you know what you will get in every song - and you're gonna like it. As a friend of heavy guitar music you won't find any weak points from the first notes in "You Soft Spoken Thing" until the last riff in the epic title track "The Siren's Song".

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Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

Røgsignal - Live Et Andet Sted I Jylland

After receiving some nice feedback for their debut EP, Røgsignal from Denmark decided to release another EP consisting of four live recordings. The tracks on "Live Et Andet Sted I Jylland" were performed in autumn 2014 and feature the bands signature jazz sounds with rock elements.

Though some passages of improvisation can be found on the four tunes, there is always a clear structure to the songs. Mainly the rhythm section is providing this steady and grooving element while nice melodies and vibes are constructed on a Fender Rhodes and an electric guitar. So the band is really walking the line between jazz sounds and and basic rock fragments. Thus a very entertaining character is implemented in the playful jazz approach of this group.

You can stream the EP on Røgsignal's Soundcloud.

Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

Vursatyl - Crooked Straights

After standing in the background for numerous hip hop artists like Blackalicious for so many years, veteran rapper Vursatyl dropped his first solo album "Crooked Straights" recently on BBE.

Although his talent was never questioned and his respected membererhip in the hip hop community this record appears 24 years after he first started rapping. So with lots of experience and without following modern trends this release is a fantastic trip back to a positive old school hip hop sound. Almost every beat you will hear was created by a producer from Vursatyl's hometown Portland. All tracks sound fresh and provide a great backdrop for a nice flow and conscious lyricism. "Crooked Straights" delivers the whole package from slower vibes in "If These Walls Could Talk" to uptempo bangers like "It's Nothing". No rap fan should sleep on this record.

You can get "Crooked Straights" on Juno.

Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

Mister T. - Big Day

While various contemporary beatmakers strive for all the new ways to create their style Dimitris Tentinis aka Mister T. has found his unique sound in a rather old school approach on his new album "Big Day".

From the first notes on in the opener "A True Story" you will know where this trip is going: funky beats, swinging rhythms, hip hop breaks and nice sampling. On top of that you will also find guest appearances by various vocalists like Lucy Lune Gillespie or Katie Rose Summerfield. The positive vibes in the tracks are simply infectous and just a thing of beauty for every lover of the beatmaking genre.

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Montag, 6. Juli 2015

The Sorcerers - The Sorcerers

If you happen to remember an older post on a very special introduction to ATA records you might be familiar with the name of "The Sorcerers". Because even on this high quality compilation their two tracks definitely marked some highlights.

Now the dynamic group from Leeds is about to release their debut record on the very same label. The sound of The Sorcerers is rooted in a very groovy interpretation of Ethiopian vibes and vintage horror movies. So the name of the first single "The Horror" doesn't really come as a surprise. When you know that even Mulatu Astatke is overwhelmed by this group, you should realize that something big is coming your way. And everything that you can already listen to is a perfect proof of quality. You will find excellent grooves, intense vibes and a very dynamic instrumentalists.

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Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

Speedometer & Junior James - No Turning Back

When London's Speedometer prepare to release a new record you always have to prepare for a big tremor in the funk and soul genre. The name of the album is "No Turning Back" and it is everything you would expect from this ensemble and even more.

The group's version of "Happy" already made the latest Craig Charles Funk & Soul collection. But aside from stunning instrumentals this new album awaits with an incredible and fresh voice in James Junior. The singer who is already compared to the greats of his craft (Donny Hathaway & Stevie Wonder) puts some nice vibes in the tunes on "No Turning Back". And eventually he even presents his interpretation of one of Hathaway's songs in "I Showed Them (The Ghetto)" - a very charming and successfull incorporation of a classic soul track. But James Junior also knows how to impress with his own style and there aren't a lot of bands out there who could give him a better groundwork to unfold his voice in. One of the greatest funk and soul albums this year will see.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud or below.

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

Laserblast - World Beater

Hailing from Wiesbaden (Germany) Laserblast is a four-piece band that showcases their own brand of heavy rock music on their debut EP "World Beater".

There is certainly nothing pretty about the band's sound on this release but a lot of times that's the first step to producing a great rock and roll record. Thus you can still feel the high dose of energy pumping through the riffs of "The Conqueror Worm" and the fierce vocals of "Prism Break" - and after all that's what you call beauty in the stoner and sludge-rock genre. Speaking of sludge, you won't find any stomping Melvins-like rhythms or squeaking guitar breakdowns on this EP. It is more about the sludgy vibes through raw sounds that you will find clothed in straight forward rock songs.

Get the full stream and free download on Bandcamp.