Donnerstag, 28. September 2017

Jaimie Branch - Fly or Die

Although Jaimie Branch is a well-known name in the American jazz scene that appeared in many projects and collaborations, "Fly or Die" is her first release as a band leader. The experimental trumpeter gathered Tomeka Reid on cello, Jason Ajemian on bass, and Chad Taylor on drums to record an interesting and innovative jazz album.

The quartet presents a selection of great and well worked out themes. But mostly this is just the starting point from which the band breaks out into dynamic and effortless jams with Branch's tumpet as the key guidance to the next exciting moment and back into experimental sonic spheres.

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Mittwoch, 27. September 2017

Benjamin Pirani - Dreamin's For Free EP

While soul singer Benjamin Pirani is putting the final touches on his LP, he released a 4-track EP named "Dreamin's For Free" on Colemine Records.

After two successful singles this new digital record of super sweet and mature soul tunes is the logical and impressive consequence. With only 12:47 minutes, this record is a sure contender for your repeat button. Pirani's catchy northern soul approach with a distinct feel for arrangements and melodies is highly addictive.

Get the full stream on Youtube.

Honey - New Moody Judy

With only two days to go until the release of their new album "New Moody Judy", it is time to feature heavy punk rockers Honey from Brooklyn.

The album marks the three piece band's second LP and will appear on Wharf Cat Records. "Dream Come Now" is a first piece of energetic straight out rock and roll off this album that will give you an idea of whats to come. Based on a simple riff this track goes on to offer the full spectrum from driving rhythms to harsh vocals and cutting guitar sounds.

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Freitag, 22. September 2017

Kid Abstrakt & The Deli - Daydreaming

Combining laid back samples from Brazil with a positive rap flow, The Deli and Kid Abstract recently released a smooth record packed with throwback hip hop sounds.

Rapper Kid Abstract is one third of rap crew Revolutionary Rhythm that really knew how to impress in recent years. His partner Predominance adds one verse in "Clouds" and DJ Million Faces provides scratches on several tracks. So its now wonder that you can hear a lot of the group's positive energy in "Daydreaming", with The Deli adding the perfect latin-flavoured backdrop.

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Donnerstag, 21. September 2017

The New Buzz & Karl S. Williams - Valley of Silence

Funk and soul collective The New Buzz from Brisbane have teamed up with singer Karl S. Williams to release an exquisite piece of country soul in "Valley of Silence".

The band has caught people's attention earlier this year when it dropped the highly danceable "Like We Used To". The latest single features a classic approach that is carried out by a passionate Karl Williams on vocals and a smooth performing band.

Get the stream on Bandcamp and don't miss out on the haunting groove on the B-side.

Mammal Hands - Shadow Work

Nowhere you can find such modern and exciting piano-based jazz groups than on Gondwana records. Mammal Hands' debut "Animalia" and sucessor "Floa" established a dynamic blend of floating and dreamy layers while at the same time creating dynamic jazz landscapes.

On October 27 a third album by the trio from Norwich will be released. As the first track "Black Sails" suggests, "Shadow Work" will be an equally captivating and pleasant experience.

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Montag, 10. Juli 2017

The Great Harry Hillman - Tilt

For their latest and third album, The Great Harry Hillman from Switzerland joined forces with Cuneiform records - a logic fit since this band really knows how to push the genre's envelope. Still, "Tilt" does not burst with crazy ideas and arrangements for most parts but contains intense and exciting compositions which create their energy through a calm and melodic approach.

With the Great Harry Hillman its a fragile coming together of many instrumental layers that combine for great arrangements as they meet and dissolve and meet again for beautiful harmonies and progressive grooves. The opener "Snoezelen" or "The New Fragrance" are perfect examples of this very mature approach in which every rhythm and melody is perfectly yet somehow freely drifting in it's place. "How To Dice An Onion" on the other hand displays a completely different and rhythmically challenging approach - and there's your creative burst of jazz-energy.

You can stream the full album on Bandcamp.

Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

Skinshape - Life & Love

On his third record "Life & Love" Will Dorey aka Skinshape has taken another step to perfecting his musical craft. The British beat-maker and multi-instrumentalist released a worthy successor to his 2014 s/t album and 2015's "Oracolo" creating unique soul vibes and deep grooves.

"Life & Love" features more vocal tracks than before, sung by Aaron (Paul) Taylor and Dorey himself. From the first tracks on this album is highly entertaining in its calm and soothing character as it grooves steadily between old school vibes and the approach of a beat-maker. The opener "Take My Time" is definitely one to look out for. "Life & Love" was released on May 3rd on DLaow &Co.

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Hydromedusa - Parasite

Aidelaide's Hydromedusa just keep on producing high quality no nonsense rock and roll music. Following the success of their outstanding s/t album the band just released new 7" single "Parasite/Eyes".

The lead single starts off with some heavy Hydromedusa signature riffing, a rumbling steady bass and the most simple and effective rock songwriting which inevitably leads to a high energy jam. The new element on this track is the classic sound of a hammond organ blending perfectly into the harsh rock and roll vibes.

Stream the single on Youtube or below.

Montag, 15. Mai 2017

The Meltdown - The Meltdown

Everybody who took even a slight listen to The Meltdown's releases of the last years, like Colours In The Sky or Better Days, knows what a shaking in contemporary soul's foundation a first full-length album indicates.

The Australian band's new selftitled record starts off with a warm soul hymn in "Darkness Into Light". The group's country soul approach lends elements from various genres and soul eras but always stays humble and maybe a bit less flashy than the coverart might suggest. It is about traditional elements like steady grooves, dynamic horns and great vocals which provide the listener with a rush of positive soul vibes.

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Donnerstag, 11. Mai 2017

Dwight Trible - Inspirations

When your hear the harp sounds and smooth trumpets gliding over nice jazz rhythms, you know that Gondwana Record's Matthew Halsall is at work - and the only thing that could elevate his music to an even higher level is a great voice - like the one of Dwight Trible. The American jazz singer will release his new album "Inspirations" on 20th June, produced by some of Englands most talented musicians like Ben Lamdin, George Atkins and Halsall.

The opening track "What The World Needs Right Now" is already up for streaming and offers a great taste of what can be expected. Trible's passionate voice soars over a carefully constructed arrangement and delves into elements of spiritual jazz. The band provides him with all the space he needs to float on top and bring out his most unique and exceptional tone.

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Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Sievehead - Worthless Soul

London's first class punk rock provider Static Shock Records is set to release the second album by Sievehead. The three-piece band from Sheffield offers a high energy dose of rock and roll with a touch of bleak punk elements.

"Worthless Soul" will be out on 19th May. The crisp sound of a rumbling bass, heavy cutting guitars and the dyniamic post punk vibes of the two tracks already available, "Invocation" and "At The Border", will make you look forward to what will surely be an exciting release.

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Montag, 8. Mai 2017

The Brothers Nylon - Bitches Cold Brew

If you're looking for the biggest, most dynamic, organic or whatever best grooves - this album right here is what you currently might wanna call the real deal. Now this might sound like some cliché thing to say at the beginning of a post but that is exactly what The Brothers Nylon have to offer on their latest record "Bitches Cold Brew". A look at the personnel, New York's Michael and Nick Rufalo and the exceptional Shawn Lee, signifies a clear indicator for unique funk and soul grooves.

"Bitches Cold Brew" is not just a collection of breaks and arrangements it is one big jam (actually every track in itself is) that bursts with energy, quality and humor. While the structure and the just mentioned, sometimes Zappa-like humor might hinder this record from achieving big commercial success it adds to the originality of the music and the sheer joy (and fun) of listening to it. And listen to it you definitely should because the priceless grooves don't always come jumping at you, they emerge through the unique structures of the compositions and first class arrangements.

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Tiny Legs Tim - Melodium Rag

Although Tim De Graeve aka Tiny Legs Tim is still in his thirties he certainly prefers his sounds vintage. The Belgian guitarist and singer released his full-length solo album "Melodium Rag" earlier this year and combines classic songwriting motives with stripped down instrumentation and recording style.

The record starts off with "Religions Serve the Devil" which also appeared on a single release from last year. Slide guitars, classic lyric motives, gospel-like blues singing parts and guest harmonica player Steven Troch make Tiny Legs Tim's simplistic and humble approach a really joyful listening experience. And despite the limited personnel De Graeve really knows how to dynamically groove along his tunes like the old greats of the genre, while you can picture him sitting in front of a microphone from 1950 playing his 1943 guitar.

Stream his previous single release on Bandcamp or the album on his website.

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Miramode Orchestra - Tumbler

You might find it easy to file Miramode Orchestra's warm grooves and mellow vocals under jazz - and yes, the tracks on "Tumbler" could easily make it on any Jazz Sampler, your personal Chill-Out playlist or those tracks your friends will ask you for at the next party - but there are also some musical spaces in between that take this record out of the ordinary.

The album marks the Berlin-based bands second album. It features various sonic experiments from Electronica to string arrangements that move well within easy accessible genre-elements. Its all centered around positive vibes and nice rythmic patterns.The group features seven instrumentalists and three additional vocalists in Inez Schäfer, Mara von Ferne and Dan Freeman. "Tumbler" certainly doesn't rest on the easy-listening level but develops its own warm and unique sounding structures around well known conventions as it builds up and breaks down tensions, varies rhythms and slightly but effectively experiments in style.

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Dienstag, 21. März 2017

Easy Money - Collection 79-82

The group's name sounds like a big and classic rock band from the 80s and well, if you hit the play button below you will find some truth in this, at least quality-wise - but since the four Canadians split up before they could amount to anything big it was now up to Neon Taste Records to reissue a collection of fantastic tracks from the aforementioned era.

What you will find here is nothing less than first class pop songs clothed in dirty, guitar-laden punk tracks. The record features the band's only two singles released in 1980 an another nine songs taken from two-track demos. Listening to this energized and authentic rock music its really a shame there's not much more out there about this group.

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Dog in The Snow - The Hunger Tower

Delving through fragile soundscapes and lyrical vocals UKs Dog In The Snow delivers an intriguing track in "The Hunger Tower" as a first taste for her full-length album.

There is an epic and floating character about the song that lives off spheric electronic sounds and oddly rhythmic guitar tracks. Helen, head of this one-woman-project, creates a dark and yet beautiful atmosphere. Her voice soars on top this slowly moving and thoughtful composition as she unfolds abstract and personal thoughts. The full album "Consume Me" will be available on Battle Records in late October.

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Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Pete Flux & Parental - What They Need

Not a lot has to be said about this duo which easily released one of the finest rap-records in recently in "Travelling Thought". DJ Parental and MC Pete Flux are two musical elements that just have to be blended together.

Their latest and brand new track "What They Need" features the same laid back style we know from the duo featuring a jazzy beat and steady rhyme flow. It's available on 12" vinyl containing a remix by DJ Spinna, a different take on the Rob-O feature track "Illness" and another two brand new songs. 

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Evolfo - Vision Of Sin

Genre wise Evolfo, formerly known as Evolfo Doofeht, is not particularly easy to pin down. Just like they're walking the line between fast riffs and sweet Soul they like to play with and destroy attached image conventions.

The opening song of the upcoming record "Last of the Acid Cowboys", following the equally entitled EP, shows the band playing a high tempo rock tune that combines surf guitars and punk attitudes. One remarkable thing about "Vision of Sin" has to be its incredible breakdown instrumental section which gives the song yet another dirty and grooving aspect. It is definitely a great first taste of whats to come on the full-length record and who knows, maybe we're also in for some smooth-like-butter-soul-treats like the ingenious "Don't Give Up Your Mind". We are about to find out soon.

Get the stream below or on Soundcloud.

Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Collocutor - The Search

There is always something very cinematic and colourful about Tamar Osborn's Collocuter. Since the release of "Instead" this group is certainly one to look out for. "The Search" is a worthy successor which has, even before its release, caught not only the London jazz scene's attention.

On this record the compositions' character is one of steady motion and features a wide array of sonic influences. The fact that Mulatu Astatke himself has already stated his affection for it is one thing, the way in which Collocutor manufactured North African scales into deep grooves and luring atmospheres is another. There are majestic moments and virtuosic horns, infectous rhythms and improvisation. It all adds up to an impressive piece of intriguing music.

"Collocutor is an opportunity to explore musically all the cultural connections which are part of being a human being, particularly in the 21st century, in somewhere like London, where you do meet everyone from everywhere. If you’re open-minded you’ll have the opportunity to engage with them and find out which bits of each other’s cultures connect and make sense" – Tamar Osborn

"The Search" will be available on LP and digital in mid March on the nicely progressing On The Corner Records. Stream a preview on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Scott D - Slice Of Life

Some artists make producing hip hop tracks look so easy - just know how to use and loop your background sample and have a way with words. Now LA's Scott D seems to have a great sense for his samples and certainly some poetic skills, but mostly his tracks just sound like a very fun thing to do - and if you manage to deliver that feeling you're definitely doing something right and don't necessarily need an elaborate production.

His new single "Slice of Life" features all the verbal symbolic paintings, soccer references and positive vibes known from his previous releases. It is availalbe on Bandcamp and available as free download.

Frozen Planet.... 1969 - Electric Smokehouse

Lots of fuzzy guitars, a little bit of psychedelia and sheer endless improvisational freedom - that has been the winning recepy ever since for Paul, Lachlan and Frank's Frozen Planet....1969 whose catalogue now features another installment in "Electric Smokehouse".

It marks the band's fourth instrumental record and can be purchased on 12" vinyl. It is certainly not an album that will be remembered for this riff, that chorus or anything else that you can easily pin down and probably won't serve your short attention span. You will have to take the full ride and sink into the bands grooves and dynamics, the building up and breaking down of tension, the rumbling basses and ever-evolving guitar tracks. Any practicing rock musician will find joy in listening to the jams of this band and wish for a teleporter to their rehearsing room.

Get the full album stream on Bandcamp.