Dienstag, 31. März 2015

The Soul Surfers ft. Myron & E - You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love (Single)

As a special treat and first taste of the new album by the Russian funk ensemble The Soul Surfers Ubiquity Records will release the stunning lead-off single "You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love" in May.

The single features an original soul groove and the incredible Myron & E on vocals who have a reputation for collaborating with talented instrumental groups. After the previous single "Doin' The Rasklad" the full-length release "Soul Rock" is finally on the horizon which will see the light of day later this year - a listen to this track will give you a lot of reasons to look forward to day.

Get the stream on Soundcloud.

Samstag, 28. März 2015

Sleep Sinatra - Shamaniq

This might not be the first time you read the name Sleep Sinatra on this blog but this is the first time I can introduce you to a full-length album. "Shamaniq" was released in late February and features 18 original tracks by the rapper from Lincoln.

The first single "Metroid's Dungeon" was already a nice taste of the quality that you could expect on this record just like the various collaborations with talented MCs and producers like Static Soul, ICHIBANHASHFACE, Verbal Kent and any more. What the track didn't show was the overall more laid back character that this album presents. Tracks like "Cryostasis" or "GodsClocktower" showcases the calm yet intense vibes perfectly in which Sleep Sinatra's voice is the main element that flows flawlessly over the minmalistic beats. But there are still some other things you can discover on "Shamaniq" - so head over to the the full stream on Bandamp.

Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth - Epicenter

Though the Bigmouth quintet consists of highly productive and busy musicians it is always a special occasion when bassist Chris Lightcap calls for a new project. The new album "Epicenter" is the group's first release since "Deluxe" in 2010 and features saxophonists Tony Malaby and Chris Cheek, keyboardist Craig Taborn and Gerald Cleaver on drums.

There is a lot to discover on this album and its lively compositions. The opener "Nine South" is already a track that bursts with energy and keyboard passages that might remind the listener of classic progressive rock tunes. The nice and slow vibes on "Arthur Avenue" are something else this group is capable of playing just like the dynamics on the record's title track "Epicenter". Just like the spectacular opening this album ends on a high note in a very intense version of Lou Reed's "All Tomorrow's Parties" with its steady groove and massive interpretation of the main melody.

Get more information the homepage or stream on Soundcloud. The release will be in early March.

Montag, 23. März 2015

Mr. Echo - Born To Be Blue

Mr. Echo is one half of the Greek instrumental Hip Hop duo Q-Function and he recently released his solo album on Cold Busted.

"Born To Be Blue" is just the kind of record you would expect coming from this label. It has the gritty and dusty vibes and a clever use of samples from all kinds of genres. A lot of other talented beatmakers like Es-K, Jenova 7 or mister T are also featured on this record. Mr. Echo uses his beats as a solid drum foundation and builds a nice construct of beats and smooth atmospheres on top of it. It's a very classy and old school approach with only a few electronic elements.

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Samstag, 21. März 2015

Grieg - Retaliate First

Grieg from from Brisbane are probably one of the finest heavy things you've heard in a while. If you look at the personnel it turns out it's not really a big surprise: Alex (No Anchor), John (Undead Apes) and Tamara (Hits)  are truly veterans in the Australian rock scene and are taking their sounds on the group's debut album "Retaliate First" to another level.

There are a lot of heavy elements coming together in this music: Noisy and extreme guitars, varying song structures and mostly punk vocals that sometimes shift to very harsh shouts. The overall very brutal sound is balanced with some slight punk rock elements and a very dynamic approach in songwriting. Every track on this record is full of life and energy that bursts out in all kinds of heavy rock sounds.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 16. März 2015

Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Rise Of The East / Sunny Santa Ana

Funk and soul grooves can not only be smooth or funky - they can also be just beautiful and that is exactly what the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble from San Diego is proving again and again.

And don't get me wrong here - the sounds on this brand new 45 release are also funky and more than smooth. There is a cinematic vibe to the slow and steady car drive through dark streets in "Rise Of The East" and the dreamy vibes on the B-Side which is not accidentally called "Sunny Santa Ana". 

Get the full stream on Bandcamp and don't forget to check out the band's new album.

Marc 7 - When Sounds Attack Vol. 1

Marc 7 just released another solo record entitled "When Sounds Attack Vol.1". It is the successor to the Jurassic 5 MC's "Food Clothing & Shelter" album from almost exactly one year ago.

On the first single "Buckshots" you could already hear some more serious vibes than you might be used to from his rap group. On "When Sounds Attack Vol.1" he worked together with producers Hirolla Beats, Frenic and Blacksmith and collaborated some talented rappers in Blu, Knytro and MC Supernatural. There's a classic hip hop character in every track which makes this album a more than solid rap release by one of the better MCs out there.

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Donnerstag, 12. März 2015

David Philips - If I Had Wings

After listening to the first single "Angel" you could already tell that David Philips' fourth record "If I Had Wings" would be a good one. Now it is here and it's definitely living up to the expectations.

David Philips is not only the singer and songwriter behind all ten tracks, he is also behind every other instrument you will hear on this album (he even created the cover art) except for some drums and the saxophone in "Venomous Soul". The guitar and soulful singing blend perfectly with the minimal instrumentation that also includes various electronic elements. Philips is always keeping it simple though he manages to stretch a number of tunes beyond the seven minute mark. This might be due to the fact that he knows when he's got a good vibe going and he surely knows how to make the most of it through simple solos and just some nice and calming moods.

Stream a few of the tracks on the Black and Tan Records' Soundcloud.

Ancient Gods - Rotting In The Sun (Single)

Following up to their 2013 full-length record "Living In The Wrong Time" the German metal quintet Ancient Gods is all set to release their brand new album "Forsaken Needs".  

In "Rotting In The Sun" the group from the beautiful Saarland-area just dropped a first taste of things to come. The sound on this track is probably as metal as it gets. You've got the slowly building intro, the fast and heavy riffs, screaming guitar solos and Jens John's fierce vocals - it's all there. You might have to fight through one or two cliché's when listening to this music (what's the name of the band again?) but isn't that exactly what you love about the good old heavy metal sound?

Stream on Youtube or get more info on Ancient Gods' homepage.

Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

Tramp Records - Movements Vol. 7

You might have heard of it; you might have gone down to it - It is Tramp Records' Movements series and its seventh part was released just a few days ago.

There have already been a lot of words about this classic compilation series on this blog so lets break it down to this: Rare Grooves - check; Funky Rhythms - check; Screaming Soul Vocals - check, Funky Jazz breaks - check. Tramp's Tobias Kirmayer made shure it's all there. One thing that still stands out on this one is a lot of exciting versions of classic tunes. Take Al Jarreau's crazy interpretation of Brubeck's Take Five, Rene Bailey's uptempo Stormy Monday Blues or Nu Art Quartet's great vibes on their very own California Dreamin'. The man behind the slow and heart breaking soul track that used to be Ural Thomas on volume 6 is now the equally great Lee Mitchell with his "How Can You Be So Cold". And at the very end you will even find some contemporary grooves by Tramp Records' very own Eminent Stars.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Corpus Colloseum EP

Let me introduce you to another underground Hip Hop duo from Down Under: Corpus Colloseum consists of the two MCs Toddla and Shug Brainless who produced some aggressive and original Hip Hop on their latest EP.

Both rappers show different approaches in flowing over the fierce beats and samples. The overall vibes on this record are very dirty, grimy and nasty. A brand of Hip Hop that you wouldn't put on your girlfriend's mixtape - more like the kind of rap music that you should bring to a gunfight.

Get the full stream and free download on Bandcamp.

Montag, 9. März 2015

Etienne De La Sayette - EP 1 & 2

I might have been a little lazy not posting Etienne de la Sayette's first incredible EP a while ago but the very quick successor on Paris DJs is definitely a reason to tell everyone about it.

You can still hear only 4 tracks by Multiinstrumentalist Etienne de la Sayette on both releases but there really is a lot to discover on those tunes. A cinematic vibe surrounds the vital grooves on both records. While "I'm So Cool In Seoul" starts with  a mesmerizing organ theme and a slow pace, the mood changes very quickly to the lively "Lord Bougainvillard" with its afrobeat features. The second EP contains another stunning rhythm in "Jungle Blue" and a more psychedelic approach in "Han Gang".

Get the releases on Bandcamp.

Samstag, 7. März 2015

Little Big Wolf - Pinkie Brown's House

Though things like the blues will probably never get old you still have to treat them in an original and exciting fashion - and that is exactly what you can hear on Little Big Wolf's new album "Pinkie Brown's House".

It marks the band's second release and features seven rough and swampy blues nuggets. The first single output "She Puts The Sun" is a dynamic uptempo tune that already underlined the group's potential. Another highlight has to be the slow stomping blues in the record's title track "Pinkie Brown's House". Dirty guitars, gritty harp sounds, big jams and sharp vocals - you will find it all on this album. You might call this an old school approach with song structures that keep the balance between on point songwriting and passages where the band just lets the blues flow. What's not to like about a brand of rock music like that?

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Freitag, 6. März 2015

Spritual Jazz 6: Vocals (Esoteric, Modal and Deep Jazz Vocals 1960-86)

Approaching a new installment to Jazzman's incredible Spiritual Jazz series always takes some patience and the listeners attention. If you listen only briefly you probably won't get the excellence of this music which truly unfolds to the careful listener - and how it does on this release!

So now it's time for volume 6 which focusses on vocal recordings and thus on sometimes even more obscure tracks. Take a track like "Rain Forest" by Dr. Haki R. Madhubuti - what a monumental trip in musical arrangements and poetry. But you will also find different vibes on this one like Byron Morris' "Sunshower" or the exquisite and funky "Celestial Blues" by Gary Bartz. It probably goes without without saying that we are talking about rare records and interpretations of some classics like Vibration Society's version of "Spirits Up Above", that you will hardly find anywhere else.

The release will be in a few days on Jazzman Records. Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

Stone Foundation - To Find The Spirit

Stone Foundation's "To Find The Spirit" is already one year old but who would be so fussy when it comes to a record that features nothing but some great soul vibes?

The group from the UK Midlands is a classic soul band with some slight rock elements. The tracks feature simple songwriting and brass arrangements that might remind you of some old time classics. The sound production still puts a modern feel to the music. It's not about jams or dramatic and long compositions - it's about making the best out of simple song structures and and keeping the soul tradition alive.

Get some music on the band's Youtube channel or stream the classy video below.

Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

Jim - Chinese Kiss

Though this might be the first post about the french beatmaker Jim he already appeared on various occasions like DLoaw's Secret Garden or Grand-Huit's Tour de Manége. So you might get an idea of where this journey is going.

To be more specific we are going straight to China and to a number of traditional sounds that are reworked in this beat tape. It is also the dusty and gritty character of Jim's beats that really make this an incredible release. 

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 2. März 2015

Overlordz - Conquest

Overlordz is a new rap project consisting of the three Orlando-based MCs Shinobi Stalin, Unique Assassin, WordChemist and DJ Stranger. The group is all set to release their debut record very soon but not before dropping a little preview in the track "Conquest".

"Conquest" is nothing but a solid rap tune with low fi beats and an old school vibe. On the full album you will be hearing a lot of guest appearances by members of the Vets Of Kin or Tony Blare who produced this preview track.

Get the full stream and free download on Bandcamp.

Sonntag, 1. März 2015

Best Of February '15

The Meltdown - Better Days EP

There is another high quality 7" on its way on HopeStreet Recordings - and this is just some incredibly beautiful soul music. The Meltdown is a soul band based around singer Simon Burke and saxophonist Lachlan McLean. The record starts with its lead single "Better Days" which might be one of the best soul tracks you've heard in a while. All doubts should be removed the moment when Burke's vocals kick in. Both musicians have roots in the country genre which show here and there though the dominant character of The Meltdown has to be the smooth and brassy old school soul approach. All this combined with some accurate songwriting will get you three great and original tunes...more

Peace Creep - Peace Creep

With their brand new selftitled release Peace Creep from San Francisco will surely become your next favourite punk rock trio. The band draws inspiration from all kinds of rock styles and developed a unique and rough sound on a total of 6 tracks on this EP. It all starts with the incredible opener "Control Yr Crime" that moves with an intense pace through different moods. The punk rock character in Peace Creep's sound blends with all kinds of heavy rock genres and is probably what people should be talking about when they mention the term alternative punk rock. Tracks like "Radio Free Alcatraz" are building on great tensions that are often unloading in massive jams. It's an exciting brand of high energy rock'n'roll music that you should not sleep on...more

Adam & Cuth - The Look Up

The London Hip Hop duo Adam and Cuth just released their brand new single on Hillman Mondegreen's (Ephemerals' guitarist) label . "The Look Up" is a strong and honest Hip Hop statement with a grimy character and well produced beats. There is a soulful thing to the groups sound that is put into some serious vibes. The B-side features a Jimi Needles remix of a Colemine Records classic "Even More Better" by Tough Junky - so no Adam & Cuth going on there but still a great track to have...more

Jess Locke - Words That Seem To Slip Away

Early March will see the new release of the new album by Melbourne-based singer Jess Locke. "Words That Seem To Slip Away" was recorded in a minimal fashion which apparently did not affect the beauty of Locke's folk compositions. The two preview tracks "Change The Sheets" and "Riding A Dead Horse" showcase some nice songwriting, great harmonies and a melancholic character. There is a certain trance surrounding her songs that can easily make you forget whatever it is that you are currently doing and put you in the same calm moods...more

Smokey Angle Shades - Shades Of Joy

London's Smokey Angle Eyes are the smoothest blend of country and soul sounds that currently walks the contemporary music landscape. After their recent take on a Jimi Hendrix tune the new album "Shades Of Joy" is now out on Impossible Ark Records and available on vinyl and digital. There are great vocal harmonies, some nice rock licks and a beautiful vibe going through all 11 tracks. It's all captured by some impressive and on point songwriting. It shows in the simplicity of the songs - it's about finding the exciting and little things in an otherwise standard song structure you've heard so many times before - and let me just say that this band is doing an incredible job at this.  Thus it is really hard to pick one standout track to feature below. Still I won't let the gospel/country character of the opener "Empty Carriage" fool you (though it is a great tune) - from bluesy soul tracks like "Everybody Knows" to uptempo acoustic rock tunes like "Had About Enough" - you will find it all on this record and it will grow on you in an addictive way...more

Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers - Cranes & Carpets

If you happen to be familiar with Berlin-based Johannes Schleimacher's Woima Collective then you know that it's going to be seriously funky when his new project "Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers" will be released. A 7" single from a few months back already displayed a taste of this new ensemble. It showcased  incredible rhythms, dynamic horns and some nice synthesizer sounds. Another thing you can expect from this group is heavy influences from Schleimacher's trips to Africa which led to the band recording this record in Morocco. All this is what you are about to explore on "Cranes & Carpets"...more