Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2016

Mister Ott - Single Shot

Matt Ottignon is the main man behind Australia's grooving jazz outfit Mister Ott. Together with a talented group of musicians he just released "Single Shot", the second album by the group which is packed with a brand of jazz that draws influences from Ethiopia with a unique psychedelic twist.

What certainly stands out are the infectous rhythms which range from mulatuesque stompers to uptempo afrobeat shakers. But "Single Shot" is also about building and breaking down of arrangements and atmospheres. "Space Will Win", the ending track, is a tunes that will take you on one of those journeys where psychedelic keys and spacy sounds suck the listener in and slowly build to an impressive jam along lines of simple melodies.

Get the full album on Bandcamp.

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

Michael Chapman - Sometimes You Just Drive / That Time Of Night

Michael Chapman has proven more than once in his long career that he is one of the most talented and passionate songwriters in the genre - Balancing his tunes somewhere between rock, folk, soul and just some beautiful arrangements and harmonies. And the good news is that he is not only on some nice reissues on Light In The Attic Records - he is still recording new songs and a full-length record plainly entitled "50". The album will be released early next year on Paradise of Bachelors and features ten new tracks. Two of them, "Sometimes You Just Drive" and "That Time Of Night" can already be streamed in full. While the latter is a dreamy downtempo tune, "Sometimes You Just Drive" features a floating drive and of course Chapman's uniquely gruff and world weary voice.

Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

The Meltdown - Colours in the Sky

Since the release of their superb single "Better Days" from early last year it was a long wait until the next sounds from Australia's soul band The Meltdown could be heard. "Colours In The Sky" is the new track that welcomes you with the group's trademark warm brass sounds. It is a slow and soft track - almost too soft, but great soul bands always knew how to walk this fragile path and The Meltdown proof to be one of them. So it is great news that they are also preparing for a full-length record early 2017 on Hopestreet Recordings.

Get the stream and video below or on Soundcloud.

Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Rosario Di Rosa Trio - Pop Corn Reflections

Rosario Di Rosa is what you might want to call a progressive jazz musician. Delving into ever more ways of exploring the genre the Italian pianist focussed on a minimalistic approach on his recent album "Pop Corn Reflections".

This new records features a small personnel of Di Rosa, Paolo Dassi on bass and Riccardo Tosi on drums. Just a brief look at the song titles and you can already see how a lot of tracks are inspired by older experimental forerunners. Di Rosa uses their innovative spirit and sometimes whole patterns to create his own free floating jazz experience. Despite a lot of improvisations and the indicated names being the likes of Steve Reich and Schönberg, this album yet showcases a very entertaining and rhythmic character as it creates individual momentums out of simple patterns.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Dday One - Gathered Between

It's a good thing beatmaker Dday One decided to reconstruct some old tracks by memory that had been lost in one of those familiar hard drive crashes. The result is his latest and fifth album "Gathered Between" which is a real beauty for any fan of honest and dusty beatmaking.

Compared to lots of other contemporary beatmakers the first thing that strikes about these tracks is the organic sound composition. It's almost like the playing of a rather unconventional band with the eventual use of vocal samples. In doing so Dday One accomplishes to create intense and original vibes that might remind you of early records of the beatmaking era.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 4. April 2016

Uranium Club - Human Exploration

"Human Exploration" by Uranium Club is probably one of the most uncompromising traditional punk records released in recent months. It marks the band's debut album and was released on the classic Static Shock Records.

From the first notes in the opener "Black Semen" you will know that its going to be a rough, simplistic and catchy ride - and this is exactly what you will get on the full record. The heavy hitting guitar chords and gnarly vocals put otherwise pretty straight forward and even melodic sounding tunes in a very rumbling old school outfit. A track like "The Misadventures Of Prissy Krissy" on the other hand, showcases a band that knows well to go beyond the short and easy punk structures and how to develop a mature rock song.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

The Tibbs - Next Time / The Story Goes

The Tibbs are the latest installment to the explosive roster of Italy's finest label Record Kicks. The band from the Netherlands released a brand new vinyl single in an old school soul fashion.

The lead single "Next Time" is an uptempo soul groover with funky ska rhythms and a strong female voice. On the flipside you will find a cozy rhythm and blues track that'll swing you right into a good mood. The "7 single is a forerunner for the upcoming full-length album "Takin' Over" which will be released in late May.

Stream both tracks on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Soundsci - Ronin '7

As a first taste of their upcoming full-length album "Walk The Earth" Soundsci released a brand new double-sided vinyl single.

"Ronin" is a brilliant downtempo track featuring flute samples and the trademark high quality raps. On the flipside you will find the opposide in "All Hands On Deck" - a fast throwback tune with hard hitting snares, heavy scratches and guests DJ Woody & Mr. Thing. Besides the new album this is the first in three single releases by this dynamic rap crew.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Spectateur - Yateveo

The French Touch Connection presents the first full-length album by Spectateur from Angers. "Yateveo" was released a few weeks ago and features eleven tracks of excellent beatmaking.

There is a very dark and cinematic vibe to each sound on this record. The production is very clear and comes to you in a flawless sonic outfit. The dynamics on tracks like "Bipolar Every Days" or "Sorry" make the bleak and intense atmospheres really come to life. Guest appearances feature rappers Jeremiah Bonds, Lowschool, Nouvel R and L. Atipik.

Get the full stream and/or free download on Bandcamp.

Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Family Atlantica - Cosmic Unity

Next month will see the release of Family Atlantica's new album. "Cosmic Unity" will be the second record by the acclaimed band from London and will appear almost naturally on Soundway Records.

As a first taste for whats about to come the track "Enjera" has already aired. It sounds like a very heavy grooving twist on mulatuesque sounds and dynamic sax solos. The composition showcases a mature blend of very accurate arrangements and huge rhythms. On The full album you will also find vocal contributions in many different languages that contribute to the international character of this music.

Stream "Enjera" on Soundcloud.

Søren Gemmer - The Lark

Adding new elements to his fragile melodic compositions, Denmark's Søren Gemmer released his new album "The Lark". It marks the successor to his impressing debut "At First" and appears on WhyPlayJazz records.

On a total of 13 tracks Gemmer's Piano is accompanied by Mads La Cour on trumpet, Per Møllehøj on guitar, Tapani Toivanen on bass and Andreas Fryland on drums.This new line-up enables him to add new colours to his music and that is exactly what is happening on this album. "The Lark" still doesn't come as a particular easy digestible record - there are lots of free rhythms, and open ended structures to the songs. So the melodic character of the tunes won't hit you right away but it will appear in beautiful bits and glimpses between otherwise free floating improvisations.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud.

Freitag, 11. März 2016

Jimi Tenor - The Order Of Nothingness

Jimi Tenor is the latest guest on Philophon's impressive roster of freshly grooving artists. It seems like destiny that the innovative finnish composer would team up with the young Berlin-based record label that already brought you The Polyversal Souls' "Invisible Joy".

On this new single "Order Of Nothingness" Tenor combines great storytelling with elements of afrobeat and folk vibes. A blend that never fails to sound fresh and dynamic. On the flipside you will find more traditional Mulatuesque sounds, steady grooves and the use old school analog equipment on "Tropic Eel".

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 7. März 2016

Warpath - Pure Butter

Naming your debut album "Pure Butter" is quite a bold statement by Daily Concepts latest family member Warpath. It is also a statement that aims to position your music in the golden era of rap sounds - and the Bremen-based rapper is doing a quite impressive job at it.

The flawless production on this record by Soulmade consists of jazz-influenced BoomBap beats that will make your head nod. Despite his german origin Warpath presents his timeless flow in English. Guests vocals feature Chezz&DAM, DFACE DXA, Progress Evolution & Steez and cuts by Delicious Chrischuzz and Soulmade. So kick yo feet up and enjoy some nice old school vibes in a hard hitting contemporary outfit.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

Causa Sui - Return To Sky (Preview)

In a few weeks time Causa Sui will release their new record "Return To Sky" on Paraiso Records. "Dust Meridian" is the first single off this upcoming album available for streaming now.

Since their first LP the band has shown its experimental visions quite a few times and this new track is a very mature example of Causa Sui's progressive and versatile sound. In ten minutes you will find very cinematic elements as well as driving rhythms or quite passages with a psychedelic vibe. Definitely a lot to look forward too on the upcoming record, which by the way features a nice artwork by artist Martin Rude.

Get the stream and more info on Soundcloud.

Montag, 22. Februar 2016

Deep Street Soul - Souls Come Alive "7

Finally the explosive Soul collective Deep Street Soul from Australia is back with a new single. Its a first taste of the upcoming full-length album "Come Alive" and another great example of what this band is capable of doing.

Both tracks on this "7 record are fueled with the incompatible Deep Street Soul drive that just bursts with raw funk energy. When you hear the slow grooving organ in "Souls Come Alive" with May Johnsons incredible voice kicking in you know you're in for a special soul treat. The flipside's "Done Me Wrong" is an equally impressive uptempo groover. A lot to look forward to on the band's album

Stream the clips on Soundcloud. Release of the single will be in mid March.

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Sifu Hotman - Matches / Embraces The Sun "7

Sifu Hotman is the latest rap installment to the ae productions roster. Their new single "Matches" was released last month and features a dynamic brand of hip hop.

The Sifu Hotman trio consists of poetry slam champion Guante, MC Dem Atlas and beatmaker DJ Rube. Their approach features an old school framework complemented by some fresh elements. "Matches" ist an exquisite rap track in which both MCs show off their skills over a throwback beat while Mr Fantastic's remix of "Embrace The Sun" on the flipside displays a more danceable approach with  guest vocals by Tall Paul.

Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Naima - Bye

Blending electronic sounds and progressive piano trio elements Naima from Valencia just released their brand new album "Bye" on the exquisite Cuneiform records.

The group consists of Enrique Ruiz on piano, Luis Torregrosa on drums ands Rafael Ramos Sanía on bass. As a trio they try to push the boundaries of the traditional jazz outfit to interesting new heights. You will still find the conventional beautiful piano melodies, improvisational passages and nice themes as in music by groups like The Bad Plus - but Naima develop manage to develop their own structures as they seem to evolve out of the dynamics of each track. It's not the theme that makes the song but the equitable use of each instrument in open-spirited compositions. 

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Revolutionary Rhythm - Raw Rhythm Vol 1

Among all the rap artists that offer their music for free Revolutionary Rhythm from Los Angeles might be one of the names ranking at the top of that list. The successor to their incredible "The Art Gallery" was released a few days ago and goes by the name of "Raw Rhythm Vol. 1".

The group consists of DJ Million Faces and emcees Kid Million and Predominance. Their sound is the product of a nice blend of what everybody brings to the table. The mix of school beatmaking and the complementary flows of the two rappers creates a dope style of positive hip hop. From the great opener "Soul Motion" to slow tracks like "Day In The Life" or uptempo tunes like "Rock The Beat" you can find it all on this record - and you will always find it in a fresh sounding and uplifting fashion.

Get the full stream and free (as in "name your price") download on Bandcamp.

Infinite Flux S/T Album

Infinite Flux from Tacoma, Washington are presenting a huge load of riffs and doom metal vibes on their brand new selftitled record.

Right from the start they let you know where the journey is going on this record - heavy riffs, thundering drums, stomping rhythms and heavy riffs again. What doesn't sound like a very complex concept sometimes evolves to something even bigger than the riffs, as you can witness in the incredible second track "Solar Sacrifice". The simple structures add together and evolve to a floating monster of a doom metal composition - and that's where the name Infinite Flux comes into full effect.

Stream the whole album on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

James Allsopp Quartet - I'm A Fool To Want You

It seems like this blog is pushing everything that is released on Impossible Ark records even if it's "just" some new renditions of jazz standards - but who could argue with the quality on this artist run label?

Your album personnel is the classic Impossible Ark ensemble including saxophonist James Allsopp, pianist Ross Stanley, bassist Rian Vosloo and Tom Giles on drums. Spanning tunes like "That Old Feeling", "On A Clear Day" or the title track "I'm A Fool To Want You" this album stands for everything a jazz fan could ask for - and this time I even mean the ones only looking for the standard jazz sounds - after all this is a collection of standards, interpreted nicely by a group of talented and passionate instrumentalists.

Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Spacin' - Total Freedom

Philadelphia's Spacin' are all set to deliver a very special dose of rock and roll on their brand new album "Total Freedom" in late March. 

The band consists of singer and guitarist Jason Killinger, guitarist Paul Sukeena, bassist Sean Hamilton and Eva Killinger on drums. From front to end this record is all about steady grooves and fuzzy lo-fi sounds. There is a floating character to all the songs created by endless jams while here and there some nice grooves and classic blues elements evolve and disappear through the infinite fuzz. Prepare to give this one an honest and worthy ride otherwise you won't be able to appreciate this unique rock monster.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

V.A. - Praise Poems Volume 3

It seems like it's been almost yesterday that Tramp Records started their "Praise Poems" series and now there is already a third installment to this fabulous collection of rare jazz and soul tracks.

Don't let the picturesque coverart fool - as heartwarming as all of these tunes from the 70s might be, they are far from being unremarkable or just pretty. Just like on its predecessors you will find highly funky rhythms and deep jazz grooves among those carefully constructed vocal melodies. And there's another recurring theme: Especially the opener to this compilation series is always a priceless piece of soul music like Feather's "Be Real" on this one.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud. Release will be in mid February.

Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Shinobi Stalin & Marz Mello - Planet Worth

Another upcoming project featuring Orlando-based rapper Shinobi Stalin: teamed up with producer Marz Mello as the Scumbag Jazz the duo he just dropped a new single called "Planet Worth".

The track is apparently a first taste of things to come in form of a full-length release. Shinobi Stalin's flow  unfolds over a smooth foundation of jazz samples and laid back beats. 

You can get the full stream and free download on Bandcamp.

Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

Anchorsong - Ceremonial

Not often do you hear an electronic musician making waves with his dynamic live shows. Although Masaaki Yoshida, aka Anchorsong is almost standing still on his MPC 2500 there is something seriously captivating about the way he creates his music.

The name and coverart of his new album "Ceremonial" on Tru Thoughts is a tribute to his inspirations from African music which you can hear on this record. Without stressing how "fresh" and "lively" those African influences might sound it is important to note that the life and dynamic character in this music comes from the way how Anchorsong applies those samples and how he develops his tracks. Yoshida, who is currently residing in London, is really creating an individual style that sounds far more organic than most approaches in the genre. 

Stream "Ceremonial" on Bandcamp.

JOY - Confusion (Video)

As a little teaser for their upcoming album "Ride Along" on Tee Pee records JOY from San Diego released a new video for "Confusion" - a track from their previous album "Under The Spell".

Everything is pointing to the new record being another heavy psych gem like the appearance of guest musicians from Earthless, Radio Moscow and Sacri Monti. So you can probably can expect as much jams and guitar power as in the dynamic psych-explosion of "Confusion".  The new provided visuals are equally bewitching and in classic style as you would expect.

Watch the video below. The new album will be out in late April.

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016

The Francis Wolves - Valley Heat (Video)

As a special treat in the aftermath of releasing their debut single "Valley Heat" The Francis Wolves published a nice video featuring graffiti artists DNT and MatchBox Gallery from Bristol.

What we are dealing with here is an 8 piece soul band from Brisbane whose grooves are equally rooted in jazz, psych and afro elements. "Valley Heat" is an impressive demonstration of how good this blend can work. Below you can watch the fancy video with dancers, sprayers and a lot more entertaining things to see. And by the way, "Deep In The Ju Ju" which you can find on the flipside of the vinyl release is an equally great groover. 

Stream and/or download both tracks on Bandcamp.

The Volcanics - Transmission

Late last year Perth's The Volcanics released a splendid rock and roll LP named "Transmission" that just needs to find a way to your speaker. It marks the group's fourth album and features an energetic stripped down rock sound.

On this record you will find ten tracks that are as heavy as they are melodic. The Band's style is rooted in various rock traditions that you might call punk, garage or something entirely different if you will - fact is, that you are dealing with rock solid and well produced tunes full of speed, dynamics and a no-bullshit approach in the right direction.

Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016

Cultiz vs. Le Bon Son 2015

To wrap up the last year France's Cultiz magazine teamed up with their friends Le Bon Son to deliver a series of french rap tracks on two free digital releases.

The number of different artists on this collection of 2x15 tunes is huge - just like the amount of different hip hop vibes on this digital release. The focus though remains on old school approaches with solid beats, vocal samples and talented MCs doing their thing.

Get the full stream and free download for parts one and two on Bandcamp.

Montag, 18. Januar 2016

FLUX - Voyager

There is certainly something about jazz bands whose leader sits on the drums like Thomas Jakoben's FLUX. If you combine this fact with a certain northern jazz tradition you can expect beautiful and fragile melodies on a solid rhythmic foundation as you can hear on the group's latest album "Voyager".

It marks the band's second album and features Ole Visby on saxophone and clarinet, Søren Møller on piano, Michael Møller Porsborg on guitar and Kenneth Dahl Knudsen on bass. The aforementioned melodic parts are recurring on this record and provide the basic structure for Jakobsen's compositions in a very cinematic fashion. Based around this framework you will find carefully constructed parts of improvisation that can feed the tunes some dynamics. From the slow and calm "Long Johns" to the lively "Parajive" you will find different kinds of moods on this record, though the important thing is that they never stay static throughout the songs - they evolve through the free structures.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud.

Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

Gun Outfit - Expansion Pact

On the way to their upcoming EP "Two Way Player" California's steadiest underground rock group Gun Outfit have released "Expansion Pact" - the first single and opener of the record.

The track approaches you in the lightest and most laid back country rock mood that you could wish for. There are still some dynamic elements to this fine tune that doesn't try to be this or that but just comes through your speakers in its floating style as what it is - a nice and smooth piece of rock music.

Get the stream on Soundcloud. Release date will be in March.

Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016

Hez - 19720 EP

It is time for another dig into the catalogue of one of the top labels to reissue 90s rap. Late January will see the release of Hez' 19720 EP on Heavy Jewelz Records.

Producer and MC Hez released a 12" record featuring the track "The Zip" that might be familiar to some old school hip hop heads. This new release includes another five great tunes with laid back vibes and the appearance of some highly talented rappers (see coverart). 

Stream the snippets on Soundcloud.

Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

Bambino dell'Oro - Los Belvos

Putting an interesting spin on traditional jazz approaches Bambino dell'Oro from Oxford are set release their new album "Los Belvos".

The duo consists of Evan McGregor on drums and Niko Brian on piano. Both also appear on various other instruments like Melodica or percussions throughout the album that also features guest musicians on bass and saxophone. The two tracks you can already listen to display mature compositions that make use of complex rhythms as in the cinematic flow of "Spit Splish Splash" or the grooving "Monolithik Asterisk".

Release will be next Week on Art As Catharsis. Get the stream on Bandcamp.

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

Whitey - A Paler Shade Of Whitey

If you like your blues raw and heavy you should try a taste of Whitey's new album "A Paler Shade Of Whitey". It was released early December and features ten tracks by the Boston-based band.

Right from the first track "7 Years Bad Luck" you can witness the groups dirty riff-power and rock solid song structures. Through massive grooves in the following tune "Swagger Lee", uptempo songs like "Back Door Man" or slow and traditional blues vibes in "Tired Of The Blues"- there is no reason why any rock music fan shouldn't like this release.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

Mos Eisley Music's 2015 in Jazz

Pixel - Golden Years

"Golden Years" is the third album release by Pixel from Norway which appeared on Cuneiform Records (like so many other great albums these days). The quartet consists of double bassist and main vocalist Ellen Andrea Wang, drummer Jon Audun Baar, trumpeter Jonas Kilmork Vemøy, and Harald Lassen on saxophone. Just take the opener "Rainforest" which creates a perfect setting for the following tracks; a steady and grooving rhythm accompanied by soothing brass sounds playing beautiful harmonies. It is the composition of the tracks, how the pieces fit together, that make them special, like the following track "People Pleaser" whose vocal chorus could've easily ended up in any cheesy pop song - but the strong and lively jazz foundation transforms this element into something entirely different. Every sound on "Golden Years" sits perfectly in its place but also leaves room for some improvisational passages...more

Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth - Epicenter

Though the Bigmouth quintet consists of highly productive and busy musicians it is always a special occasion when bassist Chris Lightcap calls for a new project. The new album "Epicenter" is the group's first release since "Deluxe" in 2010 and features saxophonists Tony Malaby and Chris Cheek, keyboardist Craig Taborn and Gerald Cleaver on drums. There is a lot to discover on this album and its lively compositions. The opener "Nine South" is already a track that bursts with energy and keyboard passages that might remind the listener of classic progressive rock tunes. The nice and slow vibes on "Arthur Avenue" are something else this group is capable of playing just like the dynamics on the record's title track "Epicenter". Just like the spectacular opening this album ends on a high note in a very intense version of Lou Reed's "All Tomorrow's Parties" with its steady groove and massive interpretation of the main melody...more

The Greg Foat Group - The Dancers At The Edge Of Time

There is a reason why The Greg Foat Group marks some of the few contemporary recordings in the Jazzman Records roster. The previous album "Girl And Robot With Flowers" was already an incredible piece of retrofuturistic jazz-soundscapes. The new record "The Dancers At The Edge Of Time" shows a slightly different approach which is also due to the extravagant recording setting. The preference for analog equipment is accompanied by the special feature of recording in an ancient church at the Isle of Wight. So it's no wonder that a powerful organ is a part of the sound. The tracks are as haunting as the beautiful cover art suggests. A floating character and intense melodies transform every composition into a unique piece of art. But you will also find highly dynamic and classic jazz tune like "Riff for Raff". So this is might not music from outer space but definitely jazz sounds taken to another sphere....more

Nat Birchall - Invocations

Not many artists carry the spiritual jazz tradition in modern times. Nat Birchall rose up to the challenge and released his latest album "Invocations" a few days ago on the brilliant Jazzman Records. It marks his 6th record and contains five highly intense and authentic jazz tunes. The name "Invocations" speaks to the spiritual and soulful approach of the music which finds its colorful predecessors in Roland Kirk, John Coltrane or Albert Ayler. Despite the dynamics in most of the compositions there is a floating character to the vibes that rises and descents in powerful yet minimalistic arrangements...more

Romain Collin - Press Enter

Last year french-born pianist Romain Collin from New York made a tremendous impact on this blog with his trio "The North" - now he is back with a new solo effort "Press Enter" and his debut on ACT Music. On this album you will find another excellent example of Collin's melodic songwriting and his sense for beautiful harmonies. Besides interpretations of tunes by Justin Vernon and Thelonious Monk "Press Enter" consists of eight original compositions. From dramatic tracks like "Event Horizon", to playful notes in "The Kids", an emotional hymn in "San Luis Obispo" or top class modern jazz piano vibes in "Raw, Scorched and Untethered"  - it is all there. There are cinematic vibes to every song. Collin is truly painting landscapes with his music and you don't want to miss the view...more

More 2015 Jazz Music:
Pericopes +1 - These Human Beings
Jakob Sørensen - Bagland
The Kandinsky Effect - Somnambulist
Drifter - Flow
Emil de Waal - Handmade in Denmark
Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet - Another Point Of View
Le Rex - Wild Man
Nick Sanders Trio - You Are A Creature
Zetzum Zorglub

Youtube Playlist:

Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Mos Eisley Music's 2015 in Rap

Memory Man - Broadcast One

Though you could already listen to a lot of Memory Man's works on his Bandcamp he has just recently dropped his debut record "Broadcast One" on Chopped Herring Records - and it's a huge one. The DJ from Texas features some incredible MC's on this album like Edan, Prince Po, Kool Keith, Mr. Lif, Busdriver or Open Mike Eagle. This concept hip hop record was seven years in the making and a few beats and rhymes in it you will know that it was worth it - bringing together old school rap vibes in a modern outfit...more

Adam and Cuth - Formwork

Even if you don't remember this little post I wrote on Adam and Cuth's single "The Look Up" you will surely remember their new LP "Formwork" once you've given it a spin - guaranteed. In case you do recall the name of this London based Hip Hop duo you know that something great is coming your way. Right into the new album you'll hear another example of producer Cuth's excellent stutter beats in "Troubles At The Door". "Formwork" features a great variety of beats and a remarkable use of samples from all kinds of genres. So it's all set for for the rhymes of Adam the rapper who surely knows how to move through Cuth's gritty vibes. The combination of the two provides a fantastic brand of hip hop with old school elements and a massive sound that makes you wanna let your neighbours know about it...more

Jazz Spastiks & Rebels To The Grain - Unkut Fresh 

 It was only a matter of time until this one would appear on the blog. Everybody who listened to the first single of this incredible collaboration knew that something big was coming his way. So "Unkut Fresh" is the complete record that features the classic Jazz Spastiks production and vocals by Rebels to the Grain. Apparently "Tapes" is only a small part of a great collection of rap tracks, instrumentals and old school vibes. Collection is probably not the right word to describe this album because it really sounds like one piece of hip hop where everything is sitting perfectly in its place.  Just hit the play button and enjoy this journey through laid back tunes and everything this genre should be about. Right now it seems like the Jazz Spastiks can really do no wrong...more

Phill Most Chill & Paul Nice - Fabreeze Brothers

The word was out long ago that Paul Nice and Phill Most Chill would collaborate as the Fabreeze Brothers and now the highly anticipated full length album is finally out on AE Productions. When you see the name of rapper Phill Most Chill on a record you basically know that you can't go wrong. He certainly enjoys the company of talented beatmakers like Jorun Bombay, DJ Format or in this case producer Paul Nice from New York who provides the funky framework for this album. Positive Old School hip hop vibes with fresh productions is what the Fabreeze Brothers will bring you. Guest appearances include MC Oxygen in "Golden Crown" and Paten Locke who combines with PMC for one of the most thundering rap tracks out there in "Heroes Of The East"...more

More 2015 Rap Music:
Configa & HaStyle - A Good Combination EP
MG Gost - Waking Walk
Teej and Cuth - Seven Ages
Grizzly Gato - While You Were Sleeping
Adam Cooper - The Free EP
Vursatyl - Crooked Straights
ChillxWill - Almighty
Soulbrotha - The Golden Era Isn't Finished

Youtube Playlist:

Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

Mos Eisley Music's 2015 in Soul

The Meltdown - Better Days EP

The Meltdown is a soul band based around singer Simon Burke and saxophonist Lachlan McLean. Their new record starts with its lead single "Better Days" which might be one of the best soul tracks you've heard in a while. All doubts should be removed the moment when Burke's vocals kick in. Both musicians have roots in the country genre which show here and there though the dominant character of The Meltdown has to be the smooth and brassy old school soul approach. All this combined with some accurate songwriting will get you three great and originals tunes...more

The Milk - Favourite

It's been a while since The Milk from London have released some new music - Now they are back with a stunning new album "Favourite Worry" on Wah Wah 45s which shows the band in a very soulful mood. From the great opener "Wonderlust" that equally moves through solid soul grooves and dramatic brass sections to smooth-as-butter tracks like "Lonelines Has Eyes" and the impressive climax in "Favourite Worry", this album is everything that a soul fan could wish for. It features a blend of Stax-like old school vibes and a healthy dose of contemporary elements which show in the tapestry of the recordings and their production...more

BENJAMIN - Arriving

The Chicago-based label Cherries Records is lately releasing some nice funk and r&b records - and its hard to tell if they are either ignoring modern trends in soul music or if they are the very incarnation of them. The latest release features the BENJAMIN-duo and their new album "Arriving". The first single "Those Memories (Sneak Up On Me)" already dropped earlier this year and was a nice example for the synth-vibes and smooth production that you will find on the full-length record. BENJAMIN's music is certainly a timeless approach that might have been the result of a collaboration between Leroy Hutson and Bootsy Collins. Clothed in a super clean and funky production this is one of the best and unique contemporary soul records you will find out there...more

The Soul Surfers - Soul Rock

You could already tell the quality of The Soul Surfers' sound on their recent single "You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love" - now there is a full album on the horizon. It is not a surprise that Myron & E are not the only acclaimed guest apperances on the upcoming "Soul Rock!" record. The band from Russia also teamed up with Smoove & Turrel, Shawn Lee, Malcolm Catto, JJ Whitefield and Didier of the Soul Investigators. So there really is a lot to look forward to although for now the aforementioned single remains the only single available for streaming. "Soul Rock!" will be out in late September on Ubiquity... more

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